Book description

Growing small

This is a book for the little ones that has to be read by the big ones (but not too big)! All children dream to become adults. But did you know that some would like to stay little but are not able to do so? Did you know that growing too big may be dangerous for anyone, for the whole humankind? Did you know that there are many types of people around you: averagies, fluffies, floaties, offendies, well-offs, tail people? This is a book about how a team of friends decides to help the adults not to grow excessively. You will find a lot of initiatives to prevent and fight the GROWINITES-the disease of people growing up too much, a Guide for growing small-with evaluation tests and preventing exercises and also a cartoon illustrating one of the team proposals.

History with children and edible dormouse, cat and quince leavelane

Magda and Simon decide to save a pendulum thrown away by their parents and replaced by an ordinary clock. Worried that the history done by ordinary clocks is not THE history, they leave home hoping to save the pendulum and the real history. They meet a black cat, a quince leaves and, most of all, the Big Edible Dormouse of May. With his help they try to make history with battles, history with thoughts, baked history, history out of present, laughing history, relived histories. Is it history only what we learn in the history books? Children that are crossing the streets, eating, playing or going to school are they not making history? Where are the black cats in the history books? And the quince leaves? And the girls? Why is the history so humourless? Could we make history out of present or future or only from the past? These are just some of the questions you may address to your parents if you read this book. It is a book for smart kids and their parents but also for teachers and professors that are looking for other type of stories for their pupils.

Story with a Sneezed Thought

This is a story telling the adventures of The Thought the Kind, a thought of a 7 years old boy that got lost in the world being sneezed out by mistake. He (or she?) will be kidnapped by a plagiator, will join a brainstorming, will be taken prisoner by somebody with an elephant memory. Thought the Kind will travel abroad and back in time meeting, among others, the great philosopher Descartes. He will become also a hero for a children book, he will be manipulated, kidnapped, memorized and get involved in rescuing other lost thoughts. All along this journey he will be supported by the Angel of the Parching Lots. Finally he will get home. The book is an invitation for children to come up with questions (how a good and a wicked thought may look like, how many thoughts one may have during a day, how thoughts travel, if thoughts could think, etc.) and to interact with the content of the book by drawing, answering to questions, inventing multiple endings. It is an invitation for parents to dialogue with their children about their thoughts.

Tell me one with

When my boy was little, I used to invent each night stories for him starting from a random word. So I wrote about a power failure, chair, stick over stick (letter T), eye, aspirations, youth without old age. Special moments, special nights that I remember with great joy! It is a family book. Illustrations are done by my son under the supervision of his father-an artist. The layout is done by a good friend of mine-an artist too (Romelo Pervolovici. I hope you will enjoy it!